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where your life will become healthier, happier, and more enjoyable. If you are fed up with trendy diets that never work and you’ve been searching for a natural solution to learn how to flourish in your body, then you’ve finally found the answer right here.

Hello, I’m Sophia Rowe! I’m a passionate Certified Holistic Health Coach, who teaches women and men how to bring balance into their lives, achieve their individual health goals, and thrive throughout life and in their bodies. If you’ve been searching for more energy, a solution to weight loss and management, natural ways to safeguard your health against illness, or simply learn how to prepare and cook a healthy meal then you have come to the right place.I work with women and men to help them take action towards a blissful and healthier life founded upon holistic principles. I am delighted to be able to share with you the techniques I have learnt over the years that have brought me much happiness and success.


  • Are you ready to embark on your own wellness journey to learn how to become healthier, happier, and lively?
  • Are you ready to live a better life full of thriving health by simply learning the best ways to nourish and nurture your unique body?

Your healthier future is waiting for you. I help teach women and men who are searching for ways to live a healthier life how to make better choices to ignite more energy and a youthful appearance. Living a healthy life all depends on how you nourish and fuel your body. I help you develop healthy habits, learn to eat the best foods for your unique body, and make healthier choices without having to sacrifice what you most enjoy. True healthy living does not involve sacrifice or deprivation. I’ve created unique customized health and wellness programs so that you can learn to live well and feel incredible by following my step-by-step simple life changing health plan.

Nutrition Strategies

Healthy diet for body as well as for mind.

Workout Routines

Taking care of your body is important.

Individual Support

More of a friend than a health coach.

First-Hand Advice

Broad experience is always a bonus.

Say hello to

  • Feeling better because of your new enjoyable holistic way of living
  • Boundless energy sourced from healthy nourishing foods that taste delicious
  • Never dieting again because you’ll unlock the keys to clean eating without deprivation
  • Eating delicious food that will revitalize your body and nourish you to happiness
  • Your new vibrant natural glow, ageless skin, and toned body
  • Reclaiming your healthy, happy, and incredible new life

When you have the best guidance and support, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to adapt a healthier lifestyle and reclaim control of your health and body.

Your journey to a healthier life is only one free health session away.
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I’m here to help you renew your energy, invigorate your spirit, cleanse your body, and renew your mind. Get ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle and begin to feel fabulous.

Discover your healthy plan today.

Recommended Nutrition Plans


Congratulations!  I am excited that you are making the commitment to improve your life. I know it would be easy to continue doing the same things that have worked for you so far, but you have obviously realized that you want something more. I am dedicated to assisting you on your journey towards meeting your goals. Together we will look at your life to create a holistic approach towards improvement. We will explore your values, beliefs and goals. Before you know it you will find yourself progressing in the areas you struggle with and achieving greater levels of success in areas you already thrive in. I know there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Coaching succeeds when you recognize this gap and pair it with a desire to change and grow.

Along with this welcome letter you will find

  • A coaching agreement;
  • A personal information form
  • A coaching information form/ Questionnaire (so I can better understand how to best service you).

You have selected online coaching which means we will conduct 2 one hour phone or one hour skype sessions per month. We can discuss when would be the best time to schedule these talks. In addition to our phone sessions, you will have access to online coaching tools to help you succeed on your journey towards personal fulfillment. Some of these tools include online journals, goal setting, action items and coaching forms and assessments. I also want to assure you that I am here for you at all times and you can feel free to reach out whenever you need support between sessions. I never want you to feel alone. I am excited by the opportunity to be a part of this experience in your life. Your desire to grow and change coupled with the tools I bring to the table are the perfect combination with which to start you on the path to the life you want to have.

Warmest wishes.

Sophia Rowe


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Our curriculum is based in cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change and healthy lifestyle design.

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