5 tips for weight loss and management

5 tips for weight loss and management

The fact about weight loss and management remains that there is no special trick that yields an instant result. Everything about managing weigh boils down to gradual and steady application if there should be a real effect. However, here are 7 weight loss tips I have carefully selected to help in weight loss and management.

Step up your activity

I may not be wrong to say that some people who are overweight and wish to shed it off still want to do that while seated in their couch that is practically impossible. To achieve a good weight loss, there is the need to step up one’s activity, engage in workouts and exercise your body to get rid of excess fats. Often, some people get confused about the activity to start with, simply start with something! It could be running a few miles, lifting weights, swimming. However, any exercise towards losing weight should not be seen as one, rather a fun filled activity.

Take enough water

For every weight loss target, staying hydrated helps a lot. It is advisable to take at least 8 litres of water daily and ensure that you take water before every meal. Proper intake of clean water helps in flushing away toxic materials as well fastens the rate of weight loss. Some people may not like to consume plain water a lot, there herbal tea comes in as an alternative. Most herbal teas also contain natural substances that help in weight loss.

Feed properly

Often, most people attribute excess weight to overfeeding, this may be true somewhat but the fact remains that feeding habit as a whole contributes to one’s weight condition. Eating small meal at each time but regularly helps to burn calorie faster, as well reduces the urge for junk foods. Also, breakfast is an important meal that should not be skipped even if the appetite is not there. Vegetables and fruits are one set of essential to the human body; they contain low fats and calories, but high in fibre. It is good to know that foods that are rich in fibre are essential for weight loss as they give a feeling of being full.

Cut down on junk foods

One of the greatest challenges facing people who wish to lose weight is the inability to resist junk foods. To avoid the temptation of eating these types of foods, do well to not stock them at home. Chocolates, crisps, biscuits fizzy drinks and the likes will only compromise weight loss mission while foods like oat cakes, unsalted rice cakes and fruit juice will keep up to the desired target. However, it may not be a wise idea to ban some foods completely because it will cause more cravings, rather their intake should be curtailed drastically.

Small and timed calorific intake

While these tips are aimed at cutting down calories and shedding fats, it is not right to eliminate calorific foods totally, rather cut down on it. Therefore, the little calorific food that may be available to eat in any day should be consumed during the first half of the day to avoid hunger towards the night which causes cravings.




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