When does the body need more vitamin D?

When does the body need more vitamin D?

I usually advocate that people should be meticulous about their health and know when a slight change occurs. Personally, I tell people that vitamin D has extremely powerful effects on several organs and systems of the body and this is true. Unlike some other vitamins, vitamin D acts like a hormone with every single cell in the body having a receptor for it.

Some people may wonder where and how get this vitamin, it is not farfetched. If I wish to get this vitamin present and enough in my body, I will opt for certain foods like fish and other dairy products although they may not give me enough vitamin D. Also, the human body is exposed to sunlight; it produces vitamin D from the cholesterol. I will be showing you some scenarios when it is clear that the body needs more of this, suffice it to be the signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

When there is decreased muscular size, muscular weakness and impaired wound healing, there are the chances that the body lacks vitamin D. When wounds on the body fail to heal quickly and the body muscles grow weak, then the body needs more vitamin D. Also, Vitamin D plays a large role in controlling inflammation, fighting against infection and facilitates proper healing.

The body also needs Vitamin D for calcium absorption and proper bone metabolism. Sometimes millennial women are diagnosed with bone loss which causes osteoporosis, this entails that their body needs calcium as well vitamin D. A research unveiled that women who lacked Vitamin D didn’t respond to high-dose supplements in a bid to treat low Bone Mineral Density (BMD), this underscores the need for vitamin D.

Often, people tend to get worried about their hair loss; especially women do not toy around when it comes to their hair. Hair loss ordinarily may arise due to stress but severe cases are mostly as a result of lack of necessary vitamins and body nutrients of which Vitamin D is essential.

Vitamin D is necessary for proper fetal development. Lack or deficiency of this vitamin during pregnancy causes a retarded development of the offspring, ranging from impaired development of the lungs, to neurocognitive difficulties and even disorders during adolescence. To avoid improper development of the lungs, bones and brain, it is important to take and maintain enough nutrients such as Vitamin D.

Dementia diseases may trigger due to severe lack of vitamin D. Dementia is common in older adults and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is doubled when the body lacks vitamin D. When you talk about dementia, it is a decline in memory, behavior and thinking that affects life negatively, and it’s most common form is the Alzheimer’s disease. Research has shown that people with Vitamin D deficiency have about 53% increased risk of suffering dementia. While experts suggest that sunshine has a way of impacting vitamins that clear the plaques in the brain that is associated with dementia, it can also be achieved by proper nutrition.





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